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Star Aim

#1 Custom Script (Best Script)

#1 Custom Script (Best Script)

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Available PlatformsPS4 / PS5 , All Xbox Consoles, PC

 •AFK Auto Tracking (Toggable)
•Maximum Aim (Assist) Abuse
•Advanced Headlocking Mode
•Super Sticky Aim (Assist)
•Full Slide Aim (Assist) Tracking
•Embedded Input Delay Reducer
•Minimised Shake Intensity
•Aim (Assist) Boosters
•Advanced Hipfire Abuse
•Slide Tracking
•Anti Recoil (For All New Guns & Attachments)
•Fast Rapid Fire
•Instant Reset
•Newest Bloom Reducer Version (Never Lose A Bloom Fight Again)
•Fast Pickup Macro (Win All 50/50s) 

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